HX 300 D 12 inch 1200w subwoofer


Hi enegry 12″ subwoofer.  600w (1200w peak), 4 ohm dual voice coil


The HX 300 D car audio subwoofers were designed to reproduce the very lowest octaves of the audio spectrum with precision, impact and power. Groundbreaking technologies in every detail: V-cone, forced ventilation system, low-resonance basket and ultra-efficient motor assembly. The Hi-Energy subwoofer range features dual coil models to increase the flexibility of your subwoofer system design.

This will allow you to manage the different connectivity solutions and the number of subwoofers in a particular design in order to make the most of the amplifier power delivery characteristics. Dual voice coil, i.e.: double the power, double the efficiency, with even smaller boxes. The best solution to all your needs; low-frequency output and control that will meet your most enthusiastic expectations.

Size mm (in.) 300 (12”)

Power Handling
Continuous 600w
Impedance 4+4Ω
Frequency response  28 – 700 Hz
Sensitivity SPL 90dBHX300D_features
1. Low incidence five spoke, anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket.
2. Front-Back gasket.
3. V-cone with Polypropylene membrane stiffened with mineral powders.
4. High excursion surround.
5. Black nomex spider.
6. Extended pole.
7. Aluminium former and high-temperature pure copper voice coil.
8. Oversized motor with forced ventilation system.
9. Butyl rubber protective ring for acoustic damping.
10. Easy to access, oversized terminals for high-grade cable termination.
11. Double voice coil to improve versatility and power.


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