ML 2000.3 LEGEND 8 inch 1400w subwoofer


This is the 700w RMS 8 inch ML 2000.3 Legend car subwoofer.  Part of the Mille LEGEND range, the ML2000.3 subwoofers have extremely compact size and are optimised to play in enclosures with reduced size.

Power Handling
Peak 1400w
Continuous 700w

Impedance Ω 4
Frequency response Hz 30 ÷ 600
Sensitivity dB SPL 86
Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 100 (4)


1. Extraordinary large neodymium magnet, optimised with FEA simulations, to ensure magnetic field stability even under high excursion.
2. Very low carbon content CNC machined plates, for maximum magnetic permeability and low distortion at high power levels.
3. Voice coil internal magnet with high size / performance ratio, for maximum efficiency.
4. CCAW, 100 mm (4”) voice coil, capable of handling 1400 W musical power, keeping the working temperature very low, reducing dynamic compression to the minimum.
5. Voice coil wound with In/Out method, for even cooling of the different coil layers.
6. Voice coil wound on TIL former: this material made from fibreglass combines the heat dissipation properties of aluminium with the stiffness of Polyamide composites, for a no-compromise acoustic performance.
7. Central pole featuring “Aluminium Shorting Ring”, for minimum distortion and maximum extension at low frequency.
8. “Boundary Free” IIR rubber surround, for higher SPL performance than other subwoofers with same external diameter.
9. Exponential V-cone® with optimised geometry for high cone stiffness and strong resistance to deformation even at maximum excursions.
10. Mineral-injected paper cone, for superior rigidity and damping.
11. Very acoustically transparent anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket featuring six-spoke self-standing structure and built-in venting holes underneath the spider.
12. CNC machined elegant diamond-cut basket edge featuring the Hertz logo.
13. Ergonomic, ultra-compact design, with an array of electro-acoustic parameters optimised for sealed box application with 10 – 17 litre volume.



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